Keck School of Medicine: MD/MPH

Jonathan DiFranco answers a student’s question.

by Anjlie Gupta

Through its five year M.D./M.P.H. (Master of Public Health) program, the Keck School of Medicine at USC offers students the chance to learn the practice of medicine and understand “the history, organization, goals, and philosophy of public health,” according to its program brochure.

“The combination of the MD and MPH prepares people for a variety of careers,” said Michael R. Cousineau, associate professor at Keck and at the school of Policy, Planning, and Development.

“This includes working at the CDC [Center for Disease Control and Prevention] as an epidemiologist, at some other state or federal agency or more typically a county or a city health department,” Cousineau said. “LA County public health for example has several MD/MPH on their staff.

“Those in policy and management work in leadership positions as a CMO or CEO for a health plan and community health center or even a hospital or hospital system or physician group.”

According to Cousineau, Keck has a strong MD/MPH program.

“Keck has several tracks including policy and management, epidemiology and biostatistics, maternal and child health and environmental health that will prepare a physician very well for a variety of careers depending on a student’s choice,” Cousineau said.

“The opportunities are quite diverse but the MPH definitely move[s] a physician out of the examination room and into population health and prevention.”

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