Medical Specialties: Cardiology

by Sana Azam

Cardiology, like other medical specialties, has gone through many changes over the past couple decades. Nobody knows this better than Dr. Samee Syed, a cardiologist who has been practicing medicine for almost 30 years.

“Cardiology was only one field when I completed medical school,” Syed said. “Over these thirty years, the field has expanded and advanced both in terms of knowledge and technology.”

After studying medicine abroad in India, Syed came to America with his family looking for opportunity. After years of hard work, he reached a point in his career where he has a stable position in a private practice, Blessing Cardiology Associates, in Quincy, Illinois.

According to Syed, cardiology is also one of the most demanding and difficult medical specialties to practice in. There are many sacrifices that must be made to succeed in the field, such as time, sleep, and a personal life.

“Young people should try to like what they are doing,” Syed said with respect to young, ambitious students. “They should understand what the medical specialty demands, and be prepared.” In fact, Syed himself had to give up spending time with his family in order to excel in his work life. “For me it was more time away from the family,” Syed said.

Due to the current climate of health in America there a great demand for cardiologists, and cardio-subspecialists. The rise in heart disease, and other cardiovascular problems, in recent years is deeply concerning, and calls for more attention to the field of cardiology.

According to the American Heart Association, there is a preventable death from cardiovascular disease every 35 seconds, and heart disease is currently the number one killer in America. “The number of patients needing care for the heart is much larger than other specialties,” Syed said.

Cardiology is a competitive specialty, but it’s one that can give a practicing physician great satisfaction and fulfillment, according to Syed. “It requires ongoing training and education, you have to constantly update your skills and knowledge,” Syed said. “But I don’t regret what I have done.”

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