USC Offers EMT Certification Class

by Hae Lin Lee

This winter, from Dec. 21 to Jan. 6, Emergency Medical Services of USC (EMSC) facilitates the teaching of an EMT course for students wanting to become EMT-certified. The EMT course is offered by California Institute of Emergency Medical Training.

The program, which takes place at the main campus, consists of twenty-one classroom sessions (160 total hours), approximately ranging seven hours for each session. The course includes a few lectures such as Human Body lecture, Patient Assessment lecture, and Shock lecture, and emergencies such as Cardiovascular Emergencies, Neurological Emergencies, and Environmental Emergencies, along with Ambulance Operations and several skill days.

The course ends with a final written and skill exams on the last day. The university provides all the necessary equipment at no additional cost for the students. The program provides an experience by providing the basic knowledge and skills of working as an Emergency Medical Technician, who is trained to quickly provide clinical help in emergent situations of injuries or accidents.

Students who complete the can apply to become a member of EMSC or work or volunteer as EMTs during sports events.

There are no prerequisites for the course, so anyone with an interest for medical experience can apply. In order to participate in the EMSC Winter 2013 Course, the students need to submit course enrollments documents along with $200.00 deposit to USC Office of Campus Activities, USC Tutor Campus Center Room #330, ten days prior to the course. The total cost for the course $1163.00.

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